fuel injection mapping

No matter what tuner you use, Twisted Grip Cycles can get your bike running at it's peak performance. Changing the fuel map not only increases power, but it assures that your bike is running at top efficiency. The days of changing a couple jets in your carb are over. EFI systems need to be tuned specific to your application.Twisted Grip Cycles has the software you need so stop by today to get your bike specially tuned!

Tire changes

Our tire change service is done on equipment that is made special for motorcycles! Chrome and specialty wheels are not a problem. We have no size or wheel limits. Don't forget to order your tires right here at Twisted Grip Cycles!

oil changes

Oil Changes are done in our large, well equiped service shop. It is your choice of synthetic or regular oil, we keep both in stock. However, if you have any special requests just let us know and we'll order it for you!


No matter what your style is, we can change the look of your bike today with new handlebars. Wire and cable packages are professionally installed with your bars. We guarantee you will be satisfied with your new look. Give us a call for an estimate!


Wanna change the look of your bike? Let's powdercoat it! Go from mild to wild, any color you want! Not only will it look great, but no more polishing that chrome before you ride. Durable and long lasting, powdercoating is the way to go! Call us today for an estimate!


Our brake service is second to none! We not only check and change your brakes, but we inspect your lines and more. We use all top quality name brand pads! Get the service you deserve at Twisted Grip Cycles!

engine rebuild

Whether you need your top end freshened up, or you've had a bad day like the picture above, we've got you covered! From boring cylinders to rebuilding transmissions and everything in between, Twisted Grip Cycles can do it. If it's performance you want, we install cams, high compression pistons, and performance valves to make your bike the powerhouse you want!
Don't forget Twisted Grip Cycles can get your parts for whatever you ride! We are your V-Twin specialist! Original equipment or aftermarket parts, we have you covered. Support your local independently owned bike shop and check with us before you pay retail prices!